Friday, February 10, 2006

Impeachment Resolution

Over the past month, a large group of Nevada County Green Party members and community members from Nevada City to Yuba County got together 4 times to do the job of our Representatives...we wrote up a Resolution to Impeach the President of the United States. We are in the final draft stage and will be posting the complete manuscript on our website ( in the near future. We are looking for ways to promote this movement to impeach, take back our government and become the respected nation we once were.
George, Dick, Donald and Alberto are all named in the resolution which charges the group with a list of Constitutional crimes beyond the wildest dreams of Nixon. From the original lies to Congress, the U.N. and the American People to the latest NSA spying scandal, the Green Party led group charged Bush & Company with 8 grievous Constitutional violations.
A rough draft of the document is available at the website now...take a look and post your comments

Monday, July 18, 2005

Welcome to the Nevada County Green Party blog

Nevada County is unique in California because of it's depth of community action. All of our political parties are active in promoting the agenda they feel will be best for all of us, but, the Nevada County Green Party brings together the best of the "two parties", and a healthy mix of other viewpoints, into one very focused, popular message.
For the most part, Green Party issues cut across the political divide to what is really hurting our communities, our country and our world, and offer many solutions to vexing problems. The Green Party does not limit itself to the issues Republicans and Democrats push forward, instead we offer a wide range of real issues that will determine the quality of life for all species, now and for years to come.
The postings on this blog will be those of the councilpersons of the Nevada County Green Party. Mosts posts will allow public comment, and those comments will not be edited unless highly offensive.
Please enjoy our blog and submit any ideas you have for improving Nevada County locally in an attempt to make us an example globally.

Friday, July 08, 2005

What do we want?

A recent town hall meeting in Nevada City asked, "What do we want?", and it drew a large crowd of eager citizens. I have heard that over 50 issues were isolated before people split into groups to work on them. A few months have passed and I am not hearing much on the progress being made. Let's hear what you're doing to improve Nevada County. What are the groups from that town hall meeting up to?...fill us in. Let's generate some ideas to free ourselves of the weight of modern life ( pollution, war, famine, declining education, depleted ocean fisheries, unemployment, loss of voice in government, etc.). What do you think of a community owned solar project? Community Supported Agriculture? Our own currency? Here's a chance to start coming up with ideas that we can put into action within our own community...voice your opinion!